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About Softrax

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Softrax international was founded in 1987 with the aim of creating standard software packages. In doing so, classical methods and techniques were used. At that time, automation was still traditional and it took a lot of effort to create an application. Planning was under pressure, which led to mistakes.

Despite the advent of modern means, this situation has hardly changed for many organizations over the years. The cause of these problems can be found in the methods and techniques or rather in their use. There is nothing wrong with methods and techniques (classical or modern), but they remain means to model part of reality in diagrams, diagrams, reports and languages. The application is by definition incomplete until the moment an information system is delivered.

Until that time it remains difficult and the focus is on the communication and assessment of the deliverables of a project. The deliverables have to be stripped of inaccuracies, ambiguities and uncertainties. In this process, opinions are separated from facts. The chance that a project will come under pressure or even goes wrong, will decrease as the quality of the intermediates increases.

In 1989, Softrax International focused on how the quality of the automation process and its deliverables (milestone products) can be improved. Since then, an important product has been developed that clearly leads to a better quality of the automation process, Inspector Online.

Inspector Online is included as a review tool in ITpedia and supports you with your automation activities via the internet.

The activities of Softrax international have been transferred to Softrax holding BV as of 1-1-2014.

Latest project: Foods and Diets

The latest project of Softrax is Foods & Diets. This is a Diet Support Platform for Diet coaches and their followers: