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Deployment of a Softrax Consultant when introducing standard software or SaaS.

The introduction of new software involves uncertainties and always puts extra pressure on an organization. To manage this, you can use an IT professional with more than 30 years experience as Managing Director, CIO, IT manager, Information analyst, programmer and author. The Softrax Consultant focuses on the user organization and is the intermediary that bridges the gap with the supplier when introducing your software or SaaS solution.
Depending on your needs, the Softrax Consultant can fulfill the following roles:

  1. Consultant when selecting software or SaaS solution
    To select the right software a number of steps have to be taken. The requirements are first formulated on the basis of your business processes. This is followed by a focused quotation process from which the final candidate is selected. After a thorough procedure, a contract is concluded with a supplier.
  2. Supervisor introduction of software
    The software has been purchased and the project is about to start and you think: “What now”. The Softrax Consultant takes you by the hand, draws up the plans together with you and shows you the way. During the determination of the requirements and wishes in the workshops he will think along with you and will share Best Practices that will increase the quality of the final product.
  3. Consultant business processes
    What impact does the software have on your business processes? Will separation of duties and legal obligations continue to be guaranteed in the new situation? Even if there are functions in the organization to tilt? A keen eye for compliance and governance prevents major adjustments to the software later.
    An organization that takes its IT seriously sets up various processes that ensure that the software is optimally managed. This concerns Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management. These processes are organized in such a way that they fit seamlessly with your daily activities.
  4. Trainer – author
    Your supplier is a professional organization with a certain level of maturity. As a user of the software, you will have to confront a management organization with a comparable level. This is necessary in order to be able to communicate about the software at the same level and to prevent noise. The local administrators must be trained for this. In addition, the writing of procedures and manuals increases the level of your organization.
  5. Project manager
    The implementation of new software is something that is “added” in many cases. Many members of the project team also have their own tasks and often there are urgent steps that come between. The daily pressure always wins from long-term developments. The lack of employees released for the project is often a reason for delay and a threat to the success of the project. If the contract of the old software has already been canceled, the tensions increase as the deadline gets closer. As project manager with sufficient mandate, the Softrax Consultant will closely monitor the planning, chair project meetings, and report to the client at the agreed times. For the success of the project it is important that there is a “Sense of Urgency” within the organization.
  6. Test coordinator
    When the software is delivered, it must be tested by the user organization. In fact, the user accepts the software by approving the test. It is something that the user really has to do himself, the supplier can not take over this responsibility. If this does not happen well, you will run into all kinds of problems later on and the software will be blamed. As a test coordinator, the consultant supports the user in writing down the acceptance criteria, the test plan and the test cases. He also supports the execution of the test and the preparation of the test report.
  7. Contract / Service Level Manager
    After the go-live of the software, it will be determined how the client and the supplier will deal with each other from that moment on. This is regulated in an Management Contract and a Service Level Agreement. The Softrax Consultant will go through these documents with you and explain what they mean in practice. Depending on your business processes, it will become clear whether these agreements meet your expectations or adjustments are still required.
  8. Delegated client
    Often the director of an organization is the head client of the project. He or she holds the budget and decides how it is spent. In practice, however, this manager is more concerned with the vision, the mission and the policy of the organization. At crucial moments he or she is to an external meeting and the project lies still. When decisions have to be made then doubts become clear if IT is not part of the basic knowledge, but costs a lot of money. By mandating the consultant he will, if necessary, make decisions and prevent stagnation of the project. In this role he can also take a seat in the steering committee.

The Softrax Consultant clearly stands for the interests of the client and will keep a sharp eye on the supplier. A project is only successful when the client is satisfied. This will certainly tie in with the long-term vision of the supplier, which often assumes a steady growth of satisfied customers.